Royal Girl Cake Topper Handcrafted Tiara Silver Rhinestone & Imitation Pearls Crown Accessories 3 Pcs Set

Price: $29.99

Great high quality and brand new!!Elegant design this Tiara and Imitation Pearl necklace earrings 3 pcs set set. Accented with high quality Handcrafted Austrian crystals in silver plated.
The pretty Tiara design measures 15″ ( 38 cm ) in width along the band, diameter approximately 6″ ( 15 cm ) and 3″ ( 7.5 cm) high. Earring is needle pierce style not clip style in back.
There are pin loops at the band make easy to secure to any hairstyle.This Tiara without a hair comb, please use hairpins or hair clips to secure the tiara. This pearl that is used is making of imitation.
Please be advised that this item’s material is Zinc Alloy. Please be advised if you have “METALLIC ALLERGY or SENSITIVE SKIN”.
You can use this Tiara for cake topper or Beauty pageant and has a variety of uses. Can be worn by adults, when children need to be under the supervision of adults Or can be placed on the cake as an ornament, placed before the available water can be clean