The Truth About Male Enhancement

The Truth About Male Enhancement

Product Name: The Truth About Male Enhancement

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By Charles B. RichardsHard Hitting Investigative
ReporterTuesday, 9:39 amRe: The Truth About Male

I’m sure many of you have wondered about all these male enhancement
advertisements, claiming you can increase the size of your penis up to 2 to 4
inches. Is male enhancement truly possible or is it just another scam to get
your hard earned money?

In this report I’m going to go deep into the world of male enhancement and
uncover the truth about all the pills, creams, pumps, stretching devices,
exercises, etc. that all make big promises for a bigger, thicker penis. Do any
of these male enhancement methods really get results? You’re about to find out
in this exclusive interview with some of the top experts in the field of male

I pull no punches in this interview to uncover what is true and what is
B.S., first I must warn you if you offended by strong language and sexual
topics then this report is not for you. But if you’re ready to learn the
truth, then read on…

Wow! Cool!!!! This has definitely been a good experience for me.
I am very happy with the results of your program. I have even reached 8″ on
the tape measure on a couple recent occasions. My lady is in awe of the
results (breathless awe, you might say…;). Thank you very much.

Q. What is male enhancement?

A. When most think “male enhancement” they probably think of penis
pills – like the kind you see on late night commercials. Real male enhancement
covers a broad range of specific male concerns – namely: staying power,
erectile hardness, ejaculatory control, sexual confidence, genital health, and
of course, penis enlargement.

Q. Why is there such a growing interest in male enhancement?

A. Things in society have gotten more complex for men. There’s more
competition on the sexual playing field, and with dating websites and apps
potential dating partners have many more choices than before, Things like
sexual ability are something men feel the need to excel at.

Q. Does penis size really matter?

A. It does, and for many reasons. Men with larger penises are often
more sexually confident, and if a man receives a compliment to his penis size
it can do wonders for his self-perception! A large penis is usually a healthy
penis, as it takes a lot of blood to fill up and maintain a large

Q. Do women/men really want a guy with a big penis?

A. You can look at popular women’s magazines, TV shows, and websites
to see that many of them like large penises. One thing is sure, even if a
woman doesn’t have a preference for large penises, she’s surely going to like
them to be hard and to have stamina! As for Gay men, as men who are attracted
to men it would stand to reason they’d like their organ of preference to be

Q. Come on, can you really enlarge your penis?

A. YES! It wasn’t too long ago that there was almost no data or
studies which validated nonsurgical penis enlargement techniques. Now, not
only is there a ton of evidence in the form of thousands of men who’ve
reported their gains, but there have even been scientific studies done on
different forms of nonsurgical penis enlargement techniques showing their

Q. What male enhancement methods really work and which ones are

A. Well, let’s look at the different options that you have:

Surgery – Did you know that penile lengthening surgery (the Bihari
procedure) is performed by actually SEVERING the suspensory ligament?

Most people don’t realize (and some surgeons don’t want you to know) that
there are MUCH more efficient ways of lengthening this ligament, without ANY
of the complications or painful side effects of surgery.

“Penis Enlargement” pills – Let’s get real here! About many of those
“enlargement” pills – a main ingredient in most of those pills is “Maca”
and/or Yohimbe, which has mild Viagra-like effects. They may make your penis
harder, but they will NOT make it any bigger.

Viagra is the most potent erector on the market today, but the company that
makes it doesn’t claim any enlargement effects. Why? Because no pill by itself
can actually enlarge your penis.

The human body responds to physical stimulation and exercise by growing and
adapting. The penis is no exception. There are specific exercises that are
designed to lengthen, thicken and strengthen the penis. They didn’t teach us
this was possible in nursing school! Let me try to explain it without too much
medical jargon.

The tube of the penis is surrounded by spongy fascia under the skin called
the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. This fascia expands and contracts
according to the amount of blood flow, hyperexpanding the cell walls over
time. (Think “super erections”).

When you repeatedly exercise this area the cells are forced to heal LARGER
to adapt to the new stressors on them. Same with the ligaments of the penis,
allowing it to grow longer. The results are more girth and length on your

Devices like extenders and weighted hangers can also be very effective,
when used correctly. Used improperly they can cause serious injuries!

Q. Is male enhancement training safe?

A. When performed correctly make enhancement exercises actually
strengthen and improve the health of the penis.

Q. Does male enhancement Training provide real results?

A. Yes! Thousands of men have enjoyed the benefits of male
enhancement training. While the goals of many include penis size, many have
used male enhancement techniques to improve their penile hardness, increase
ejaculatory control, and develop more sexual confidence. Some men have even
taught themselves to become “multiorgasmic”!

Q. I understand you’ve all worked together to create the ultimate
male enhancement program, tell me more about this program and what is

A. Yes, it’s called The Male Enhancement Expert’s 13 Week
Program. This is a collaborative work where we have pooled our knowledge
to produce this program. The methods are completely natural. No more wasting
money on worthless pills, gadgets, lotions, or creams that just don’t work.
The 13 Week Program is the only one you’ll ever need.

This Program will teach you how to:

-Increase your penis size

-Increase your penis hardness

-Increase your sexual stamina

-Develop ejaculatory control (Come only when YOU want to)

-Teach you sexual confidence, even in daunting scenarios

-Increase the force of your ejaculations

-Distilled advice from the pioneers of male enhancement

-Foolproof training methods guaranteed to optimize growtrh and

-Learn how to continue making gains cycle after cycle- not just flat

-Learn why “Gestalt Based” male enhancement training works much better
than other routines and most forms of device based training

-Increase penile vascularity

-Learn to overcome erectile difficulties

-Reverse negative conditioning from porn use

-Improve your genital health

-Hard to find, complied information; 20 year old archives of data

-What types of exercises and what order they should be performed in

-Why sometimes NOT training at the right times can lead to HUGE

Q. How soon will I see results?

A. Measurable gains should be seen within the first 2-3 weeks of

Here’s what you can expect:

Weeks 1-4: Immediate gains in flaccid (unerect length) within the first 1-2
weeks. By weeks 3-4, you’ll start noticing obvious erect gains and you’ll
notice harder erections and improved stamina.

Weeks 5-8: Chances are, your lover(s) will start to comment on your size
and improved stamina. Don’t be surprised if you start getting questions like
“Has it grown?” or “Are you taking something?”

Weeks 9+: You’ll probably have already added an inch or two in length, and
an inch in girth. Don’t forget- these are PERMANENT gains!

If you’re interested in MORE size, you’ll naturally proceed to the advanced
routines and specialized consultation that you’ll have at your disposal as a

Q.How long do the exercises take to perform?

A. This will depend a lot on your current conditioning, but routines
can be as short as 10 minutes in some cases. The average session is 15 to 40
minutes in duration.

Q. Are the results permanent?

A. Yes, and we’ll show you how to maintain optimal sexual
functioning so ALL gains are retained (cemented).

Q. What are the risks to over training?

A. Overtraining can result in injuries, soreness, and even erectile
dysfunction. The program will teach you exactly what to do and what to look
out for to prevent overtraining.

Q. Does this program work for circumcised/uncircumcised penises?

A. Most definitely! At most, minor adjustments to some exercise
might be necessary, but there shouldn’t be any reason why being “cut” or
“uncut” should make a difference.

Q. What results have other people achieved using your program?

A. We have a huge (and growing) number of success stories. Here are
some examples:

My boyfriend, John used “The Program”, he didn’t even tell me
about it. Maybe he was embarrassed it might not work. Or maybe he just wanted
to see if I’d notice the results.

I thought it was my imagination at first. (Probably like you, I
always heard a guy is stuck with his penis size). What I noticed was our sex
life was hotter than when we first met! I could feel his erections were harder
than ever.

He lasted so long I actually had to beg him to stop. Best of all, I
“felt” him inside me long after we were finished. He could tell I was really
satisfied so he finally confessed.

As a woman, I was pleased. What an incredibly unselfish gesture! He
wanted to make sure I have more fun in bed. Wow! That really turns me on. I
just want to do whatever he asks to show my appreciation. (He doesn’t seem to
mind that part)!

He somehow seems more masculine to me now. That makes me feel
ultra-feminine and sexy…which leads to earth-shattering

I learned to precisely pinpoint the methods that
would be ideally suited for my goals and the mechanism of how penis exercising
works on each component of the penis structure. As in bodybuilding, knowing
the insertion points of the muscles aids greatly in obtaining optimum results.
This is true of penis enlargement too. He taught me the proper technique and
the progression that would be appropriate. I gained 3″ in length and 1.75″ in
girth approximately, which is exactly my original (ambitious)

I would have never been able to make such amazing gains on my own,
and I would still be lost sorting through the monolithic volume of information
and misinformation on the Internet. Coaches are badly needed, as they know the
precise and best movements, tailored for the individual’s goals.”

I started with a pitiful 3 x 3 inch penis. [“Members’ Only” info
omitted- details in the Members’ Area]. I am now 7″x5″, and my trip to a nude
beach in Jamaica in early December was a real pleasure for me! I didn’t feel
ashamed of my size, as I had in years past. As a physician, it makes great
sense to me that [routine info omitted- details in the Members’ Area]. You
have added a large amount of hope for underendowed guys (like I

Michael Foster, MD (Physician) AKA “BoxCar” from

“I have built the penis of my dreams!”

I began with an erect length of 7.25″. Today, my penis maxes out
over 9.75″, and that is a conservative figure. NO B.S. What has been pleasing
(and somewhat surprising) is the consistency with which growth has occurred,
and that gains continue to be made without resorting to more intense or
advanced routines. Just ‘the basics’ remain effective.

My story isn’t glamorous, but does indicate what all men have
always suspected, that size DOES matter to women, and that a hung penis DOES
feel better for both partners. The response from the new woman in my life has
been favorable, to say the least. A focused, SUSTAINED application of the
fundamental principles (with selective use of tools and enhancements) has
enabled me to build the penis of my dreams, and I’m far from

I have taken a few weeks off to take my penis for ‘test drives’ and
the response has been very favorable. It’s an amazing feeling of confidence to
KNOW you are well-hung, and she can sense this.

Thanks for making the PE information available, I am a VERY
satisfied client.

All I can say is that it works. I went from a 5 1/2 (Length) X 5
(girth) penis to a 7+ (Length) to 6 (girth) penis. I used primarily [routine
info omitted- details in the Members’ Area] (girth) and used the exercise
(can’t think of the name) that entails [routine info omitted- details in the
Members’ Area] each time I did it (approximately 4 times a day at first). Then
I backed off to doing this approximately 2 times per day. My wife loves the
changes but doesn’t want me to get much larger so I’m maintaining

Not even sure if I could get much larger. Early on, to get my
initial growth in length I did four sets of [routine info omitted- details in
the Members’ Area] and the others in your basic routine exactly how you
described them. I got to 7 inches very rapidly this way and have been
maintaining since around June, 2004. I do keep working on girth to maintain
thickness and do my [routine info omitted- details in the Members’ Area] on a
semi-regular basis.

Q.What comes with your program?

A. The program comes with the following:

-A complete three point course plan designed to be modified to ANY man’s
size and stamina needs and goals- full of detailed course description,
images, and videos to make the learning process as easy as possible. You’ll
learn not only what to do, but HOW to do it so you can continue training
productively- for years, if you choose to do so!

-Specific routines for unusual and unique goals, like correcting penis
curves or increasing/changing certain parts of the penis, like a larger head

-Workout programs for use in conjunction with pumps, extenders, hangers,
and other popular (and not-so-popular_ devices. We’ll even show you how to
make copies of some of the more popular penis enlargement devices out of
items you might have laying around your house!

-Techniques for overcoming sexual anxiety

-A specific approach for overcoming the negative effects of pornography

-Sources for DEEP DISCOUNTS on some of the most popular male enhancement
devices on the internet. This alone is worth the value of the course many
times over!

– Archives of scientific and lay male enhancement data going back 20
years or more

-A GROWING body of data, routines, and cutting-edge important findings,
updated regularly

Q. How much does it cost?

Q. Will you offer a special sale price for readers of this special

A.Do any free bonuses come with it?

A. Yes, we’ve collaborated with some of the most prominent male
enhancement experts to put together a collection of free reports not found
anywhere else on the internet. These reports will ONLY be found in this

-Female Body Language Secrets

-Online Dating Secrets For Men

-How To Improve Your Sex Life

Q. Is there a “risk-free” guarantee?

A. Yes, if for any reason you’re not satisfied you can request a
refund from within 60 days of your order. This gives you 2 months of RISK FREE
access to the most comprehensive male enhancement program ever created!

Q. Is everything confidential?

A. We take our customers’ privacy VERY seriously! This site uses
only the most trustworthy 3rd party billing software (clickbank) and at NO
TIME will any of your information be disclose to any third parties!

I hope you enjoyed this entertaining and informative interview. Here’s what
you need to do now, jump on this offer right away and increase your staying
power, erectile hardness, ejaculatory control, sexual confidence, genital
health, and of course, your penis size.

You will get instant access to the full program plus all bonuses, and you
can try it risk free for 60 days. If you are unhappy for any reason you get
all you money back ASAP! No questions asked.

P.S.Remember, this program contains the best “Male Enhancement”
information available anywhere. Written by a The Top Experts who
produce real results.

So if you’re tired of trying methods that don’t work, give this a try. If
you want to get noticeable results in just a few short weeks time, so you can
look better, feel better, perform better, and get noticed more, order now.

Remember, all the risk is on us and the program is

This price increase is to ensure our time is spent helping those people who
are motivated to get the most out of our program.

Besides, the true value of any program is what you learn from
it, not what you pay for it.

So order now and get instant access so you can immediately learn to say
Good-bye to your sexual problems forever!

Again, “The Ultimate Male Enhancement Program” comes with a
step-by-step 13 week male enhancement plan and all 5
Free Bonuses!

P.P.P.S.The offer to get all 5 free bonuses is limited.

We can only guarantee you’ll receive them if you order right away. So don’t
delay. Act now while it’s fresh on your mind.

Overcome the “paralysis of analysis” that
holds so many back and you can have access to this program in less than a

Maybe, it would be easier to just keep doing what you’ve been doing. But
remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what
you’ve always gotten!

It’s time to do better so you can get better!

This is your moment, take the leap of faith by ordering below.

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